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Fables of Talumos is an adventure game inspired by the likes of early Zelda  titles with the atmospheric storytelling of Dark Souls.  You play as Oskar, a regular man who becomes entangled in a war taking place continents away.  The demo will explore a few characters, enemies, and one boss.  Also, check out the game's Steam page (https://store.steampowered.com/app/1085570/Fables_of_Talumos/) if you enjoy this demo!  Good luck, and enjoy exploring the beginning  piece of the game!



The demo uses only keyboard controls, but the final game has a customizable key configuration.  Please excuse this old seemingly-strange current control scheme. 

Movement: "W" "S" "A" "D" keys

"DOWN arrow"  ------->  Interact/Talk/Select    

"LEFT arrow"  -------> Attack

"UP arrow"   --------> Dodge Roll (while moving)

"Enter" ---------> Select/Open Inventory

"Right CTRL" (while inventory is open) --------> Left page of inventory screen.

"RIGHT arrow" (while inventory is open) ------>Right page of the inventory screen.

"Backspace/ESC" ---------> Open In-Game Menu (useful if you get stuck somewhere)


Note from the developer: ~~~~~

"Hi, and thanks for playing the demo.  I'm a self-taught developer just beginning my journey into game development.  Fables of Talumos is my first game, which I worked on in my spare time after work and on weekends.  I just finished teaching abroad for 4 years and am spending the next few months focusing on launching the finished game on Steam.  If you're interested in following this game's development you can check out my Twitter page (@CheeseMaster_Pr).  Check the game out on Steam and add it to your Wishlist! :)


-The Cheesemaster

Install instructions

The game files are compressed.  Simply extract the files (using WinZip or free programs such as 7-Zip) and double-click the .exe file to start the game!


Fables of Talumos Demo.zip 54 MB

Development log


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Nice visuals, it will be cool to see more. Good luck with the KS campaign!


Thanks Cryptic Hybrid!  I'll keep you posted :)


Hey the game is fun, got some bugs and you can get stuck in places, but it still very smoth and responsive, i like it!

Hey thanks DevsInc!  It means a lot to me!
Can you remember any specific bugs or problems you ran into?  I'll see if I can figure them out!