Fables of Talumos Demo #2 - March 25, 2018

It's been almost 2 months since I've posted an update, but I've got a big update in the form of a new demo!

I've been working hard on Fables of Talumos for the last 50 or so days, and in the new demo, there are added features, such as a functioning save system ("Continue" on the main menu will now load your game) and an additional boss.   The demo is still lacking in some areas (such as sound effects and a few images) but it's a huge improvement over the first. 

Here are a list of the changes (not including added features):

Fixed pot depth.

Collision and movement systems overhaul (you can now slide along solid objects rather than gripping to them and stopping dead).

Sword hit box adjustments.

Fixed graphics bug with the root house door.

Fixed the same door opening from behind the buliding.

Fixed door audio bug.

Fixed unfair enemy attack (occasionally the enemy would attack at lightning speed).

Fixed enemy collisions with each other.

Added ability to hurry along text.

***********New Features:

New boss and short cutscene and new boss battle song.

Save system.

Additional inventory screen and the proper storage of items when picked up.

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